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Lost Pet Prevention

Tracking with AHS-RTF technologies

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E.T.B Tag

The E.T.B. Executive Tracking Beacon was designed for people that wanted the security or added security in the event their pets get lost.

Although the E.T.B. was specifically designed for the individual pet it can also be used in many other applications. The E.T.B. uses advanced AHS-RTF technologies and has made it possible to locate and find what has been lost.,

Most Pets that go missing are usually within a few blocks to 1/4 mile range, and the need for a proper tracking device is essential.

If you have ever experienced having a lost pet, you know the pain and panic you go through is not pleasant. Running
around searching hours after days with hundreds of dollars in rewards offered; with posters put all over, yet no
guarantee for the successful return of your pet.

Notifying your local veterinarians or humane societies, and many other places does not guarantee a successfully return of your pet.

Many people say they have a microchip, that's great but it doesn't find the dog. The microchip can be read through a special reader and the reader is only inches away. So the dog isn't lost. The microchip finds the owner of the pet not the reverse..

For a small fee of $ 55.00 CAD our E.T.B. Tag you will give you peace of mind and an added security


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